Spokesperson: Vaibhav Jain (24), Founder, Tynimo

 Q1] What led you to start Tynimo? How did the idea come about?

We wanted to revolutionize the lifestyle retail segment. Our main idea was to provide high quality, well-designed daily lifestyle products at affordable prices. We started Tynimo with an intention to capitalize on the concept of Impulse buying, where people never plan to buy these products but end up buying it on the basis of what they see.

The idea to start Tynimo originated during a couple of business and leisure trips to South East Asian countries. The whole concept of fast fashion shopping is a popular concept in South East Asian markets. During our trips to these countries, I would always enjoy visits to these concept stores that offer unique, cute and offbeat products. All these products were of good quality and were reasonably priced.  We found that in India there weren’t any other Indian brands catering to this segment. We decided to apply the same concept here in India. Finally we decided to build India’s own answer to all foreign brands and hence Tynimo was formed. We were always passionate about building something worthy in consumer retail and this segment was just the right opportunity.

Q2] How are you different from Miniso? What’s your value add?

We stand out in many ways in comparison to Miniso –

Firstly, we have a dedicated zone for Indian handicrafts to promote India’s arts and crafts products. We sell them at reasonable prices so that as many people can buy and take pride in India’s beautiful and amazing art talent. The Indian handicrafts collection is designed by artists across various regions including Jaipur, Varanasi and Saharanpur. Each artistry collection represents the culture of the specific region they belong to, with raw materials used for these works specific to those regions, like Amba Bari and Kadam wood carvings which are native to Rajasthan.

Apart from this, our products are better designed and economically priced in comparison to other players. We also have a dedicated gifting section where customers can select from an exclusive gifting range. Recently, we also introduced pre-loaded Tynimo gift cards that can be purchased and gifted to anyone.

Our store design concept is focused on enhanced quality customer shopping experience rather than just stocking of products. Our skin care range is completely made in India with organic elements. We are more focused on catering to actual needs of the market being an Indian brand rather than stocking anything and everything that is available.

Q3] If someone were to say that Tynimo is a rip-off of Miniso, what would you response to that be?

Tynimo is India’s answer to all the foreign brands out there and I am proud to own the brand. We have our own identity and our customers are able to easily identify between Tynimo and Miniso.